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Only Child turns down the technology

Only child buzzed by too much technology

I think I’m all tecked out – at least for a little while. Now you have to bring in the technological gadget to get a part replaced. For example, for a new working adapter for my external hard drive, bringing in the old adapter isn’t enough – they need the whole external hard drive because the adapter comes with a new case and they have to set it up with your external hard drive. Ditto for a new battery for my wireless phone handset. If you don’t know beforehand, that’s two trips for one replacement. Then there is that social networking get together coming up next month. It’s in person but you can’t just reply “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” There are four categories to sign up for – some free, some not. And just now when I went to update my Firefox browser on my laptop (as “it” was urging me to do), “it” told me I had incompatible ad-ons that had to be updated first. So I closed the box. Too technical for me. I’ll have to bring my laptop to my son’s place so he can do this. Strange, as when this happened on my desktop PC, I had no problem updating Firefox. Could it be because the laptop is using Windows 7? Maybe. But I think it’s more that technology is getting away from us.

Stop the world, I need a break.

When I was growing up (back in the grey ages) our biggest technological gadget was the transistor radio – complete with its mono output and one earphone. But I loved taking it to the beach or sitting out in my mother’s garden hooked up to my transistor and listening to the latest top 40 hits – Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin, etc. Check http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/transistor-radio.html to see what I’m referring to.

I still have one of the updates from the transistor radio – a Walkman, and it works. And yes, I still have some tapes sitting around. Of course, I moved on to CDs years ago, but I also kept my turntable, records, and as it turns out (pun intended) turntables and LPs are back in style. What does that say for our current technological state? Some of you might think “old foggie baby boomers.” True. But I also wonder if it is a grasp at something less mind-blowing technological, something a little simpler. True you can’t cart it around with you like an iPod, but I’ve heard reports the sound is something better from what you can get from today’s technology. Don’t know if that is true, but there has to be some reason many music artists are recording on both CD and LP.

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t have anything against the iPod – except maybe some people’s penchant for turning it up so loud, their “music” escapes into the surrounding atmosphere. The iPod is today’s answer to the transistor radio – one way to drown out today’s outside noise and excess technology. The latter may be an oxymoron, but if you are strictly using the iPod listening to music, you are ignoring the constant buzz of e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, not to mention the in-person noise around you. Just be careful and attentive when crossing the street.

So for the upcoming holiday weekend (Canada Day, July 1 in Canada and July 4 Independence Day in the US) why not tone down the technology or even give it a temporary rest? Sure, listen to your iPod but send Twitter, etc. to another planet. Me, I’m going to the beach with a good book (print) and also taking that book out into my garden.

Staying wired almost 24/7 (excluding sleep time, for those of us who still get some sleep) is draining.
Happy holiday.


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