Only Child Writes – Definitions

Angel on typewriterOnly – forging your way through life on your own initiative, insecurity, and the criticisms of others. Can be an uneasy teeter-totter from loneliness to aloneness, with a welcome respite somewhere in between.


Child – to be creative requires curiosity and openness like a child no matter what your age.

Writes –using imagination, experience and words to create another or better world, to harness your curiosity and to oust the demons of boredom, stress, and worry.

2 responses to “Only Child Writes – Definitions

  1. jessica heriot

    I recently came across your blog, I’ve written a short memoir about being an only child and wonder If I can submit it to your blog.

    • Thanks for commenting. Another only child writing a memoir. Yes I would be interested in the possibility of you submitting an excerpt from your memoir to be posted on my blog. Would be interesting to compare stories.

      I’ll email you with more info so as not to clog up the comments.

      And you have to go into the pages not posts to see your comment and my reply.
      Never easy with computers.

      Sharon A,

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