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Only Child looks at the macro of our horrid world

01910012You have had enough of my rants on personal reasons why this world is so bad, so except for my opinion on it, today I’m going to go into the macro area – why our 21st century world is doing worse than going to hell in a handbasket.

First, for those who didn’t read the comments from my last post, here’s a brief update. I’m not going blind yet and have expensive eye drops for life for my left eye. My son Martin is helping to pay for them. The left eye has glaucoma and is badly damaged. The right eye is fine. So, not getting an eye patch yet for the left eye. No Pirate Sharon for now.

So what is wrong with the world we live in? Here are a few things I’ve either seen (in person or online or TV), read about or people I know have experienced. FYI I believe the world just went really bad when we entered the 21st. century. Think 9/11 in 2011. Before we left the 20th century, the world was still livable, not perfect, but not way out of whack.

Here we go with my dirty dozen on what’s globally wrong.

  1. Terrorism escalating. Enough said here.
  2. Recessions, high unemployment, high debt (some people have no choice but to go into debt because income doesn’t meet expenses even if they do budget. I’m not talking about buying too expensive houses and taking on mortgages that can’t be paid if someone loses a job).
  3. Pollution.
  4. Extreme weather being the norm everywhere. I do blame global warming for a lot of it and we (the collective “we”) screwed up. I still believe that God controls the weather and could put a halt to all this or at least get it back to normal. But I also believe that because he gave us free will and he doesn’t like what we have done/are doing with it, he’s not helping us. Can you really blame him?
  5. The world is overpopulated. And you can use your own take on the whys and the wherefores here.
  6. Religious fundamentalism  of any kind and its results.
  7. Bad leaders and potential leaders in some countries. You can also use your own take here.
  8. People are getting ruder and nastier and more violent.
  9. The over-technological world we live in. Is all this necessary when we see what it does and can do to people? Yes, basic cell phones are probably necessary (text and phone functions) for emergencies and the like. But all the “bells and whistles,” the apps, etc.? And full digital kitchens? Come on, where’s the fun in cooking?
  10. Too many people getting too many cancers.
  11. Medical – both the primary caregivers – some are so inept and also how the practices and medical clinics are run. Here’s what’s happening with one cardiologist being disciplined.  And the cost to people for medical services, including drugs and supplements – what isn’t covered by government medical insurance and the high cost of private insurance.
  12. Too many people living below the poverty level and too many living high on the hog with too high salaries. The middle class? What’s that? It’s shrinking.

What am I doing about it? Trying to combine what is necessary for me in technology and becoming more self-sustainable (if there is such a word) in my life. I’ll go into that more in a future post.

So, what are you doing about this world we live in? One of my blog post followers has a slogan at the top of her blog

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” — Laurie Buchanan

Check out her blog posts. It is people like Laurie who give us hope for the future.




Only Child Writes


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Only Child looks for any silver lining

Only child contemplates the world we live in

Only child contemplates the world we live in

The world circa 2015 is going to worse than hell in a hand basket. Try nowhere in a rocket. Even Superman, faster than a speeding bullet, can’t save us.

Every day I wake up to more bad stuff – both in the wider world and personally.

The worst part may be that 90 to 95 per cent I didn’t cause.

Consider the following:

Worldwide: the weather – there is not a place in the world that is safe from extreme weather. Those who follow my blog posts here know who I blame for this (Hint: “dog” spelled backwards). Even waking up to the sun shining doesn’t provide much hope. Think skin cancer, windburn to evergreens, etc.

Worldwide: terrorism, financial debt, unemployment, overuse of too much technology, rudeness as the norm, etc.

Personal: problems with utility companies (don’t get me going here), computer problems, house and yard damage (much due to weather) and resulting financial problems and health problems, time management problems (some of the latter is my fault), etc.

I think you get the picture and it isn’t pretty.

The only solution seems to be to get away from it all – but where to go – a one-way ticket to outer space?

So I “hide” deeper in my writing. But excuse me – first I have to finish going through all the year-end bookkeeping for my business and do the tax stuff. No doubt to get “robbed” by the CRA – more money I don’t have much of to be forked out.

I am polishing up my tin can – a big tin can.

Lottery tickets don’t work for me.



Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes

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Only Child lives in two worlds

A no-no for Only Child on technology-free day

A no-no for Only Child on technology-free day

Lately I seem to be yo-yoing between living in today’s technological lifestyle and in so-called simpler times. I think today’s fast-pace and too swift changes are getting to me and I need the comfort of the past.

Not all past and some of it isn’t even my past. And no, I don’t want to move back into the past. I had enough of outdoor privies as a child visiting my grandfather’s and aunt and uncle’s farms, thank you very much.

This winter I’ve started to bake again (beyond the bread in the bread maker which I began doing a year ago) but cookies and crisps and soon muffins now that my son and his girlfriend gave me two muffin tins as part of their belated Christmas present (Note: we have our Christmas dinner here in January when both are back from visiting various other family members outside Ontario, over and beyond the Christmas season). Sunday I loaded up on baking and other supplies (Basmati rice) at The Bulk Barn. Now all I need is time.

Time may be a big clue why I’m “regressing” in how I live. As I posted last week time and its close relative, money, can be in short supply and when you add in the high cost and frenzy of living, something’s got to give and something’s got to change. So I bake, make soups from the proverbial scratch, and watch TV shows set during the Second World War (before my past). These shows Foyle’s War, Land Girls and Bomb Girls are set back home (Great Britain for the first two and Toronto, Canada for the third) depicting the lives of those who didn’t go off to war. Of course, the war impacts what happens and my interest here is not in glorifying war. I am also watching a couple of TV series set in the 1960s (Vegas and Heartbeat) which is my time as a child and teenager. Some of you probably watch Downtown Abbey. Not that any of those times were without difficulties and problems and some of the ways of life in the past I wouldn’t want repeated today (women stuck at home as homemakers only comes to mind). And with many fresh fruits and vegetables skyrocketing in price (grapes and lettuce, for example), I’m eating a lot of root vegetables and frozen vegetables and fruit (some from my garden and some from the Farmer’s Markets of last summer and some store bought). Fresh vegetables (outside of root vegetables) are limited to cucumbers, peppers, bananas , apples, oranges, grapefruit nd strawberries – which, except for apples,  are all trucked in from warmer climates. I would prefer local, but at this time of year what do you do? You need some fresh.

However, do we really need all the excess technology – the constant tweeting, texting, and being forever stuck to our smart phones or BlackBerrys? And don’t forget the reams of passwords. Many people go to bed with these (or their laptops) and the last thing and first thing they do is check e-mail or text. Studies are also showing that this glued-to-technology is affecting our brains, including short-term memory and our ability to multi-task (for videos  and “print’ stories go to–your-brain-online). Hey, I thought technology was supposed to help us multi-task. Apparently not.

Confession here: I have a laptop and an e-reader but no cell phones – smart or otherwise. Just my landline. At some point I might get a very basic cell phone for safety’s sake but not before the exorbitant  cell phone rates in Canada go down down down. My TV is not inherently digital – I had to get a digital adapter. I actually buy CDs rather than download music and play them on my mini stereo system, but I also have a very old turntable from my teenage days. And I’ve started having one technological-free day a week (Saturday or Sunday) – no computer stuff although I’ll read using the e-reader and watch TV but I also use the landline to phone friends and I still read books in print. Compromise.

Maybe that’s the answer. Find the happy medium between past and present. It might be better for the mind, body and spirit. See another Toronto Star story “Tips to Reduce the ‘Infobesity’ in Your Life “–tips-to-reduce-the-infobesity-in-your-life

Now, excuse me, while I return to rewriting my prequel mystery novel – set in 1998. I wonder why.

Comments anyone?


Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes

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