Chasing the elusive sleep

Not how Only Child wants to sleep at night

One of my goals for 2019 is to get more sleep at night – more specifically get to bed at a more normal/earlier time than 2 a.m. My problem isn’t waking up and getting up at 8 a.m. – it is getting to bed early enough to get 7 to 8 hours sleep.

But I have identified the gremlins. And yes, I don’t need to fall asleep for 30 minutes watching the news on TV. As part of my hopeful new regime I can do half an hour of that plus 10 minutes of the Weather Network and still get to bed in good time. No, it is the real gremlins behind this that have to be taken to task. So, going through the layers, there is first my health issues and all the extra crap I have to do for them. But, the basic extras would be okay to fit in. It’s the extra extras caused by flare-ups in one or more of those health issues which steal my time. Another time-stealer is the daily evening chores like doing the dishes, etc. (much more etc.). Even they can be reigned in.


If I thought or even hoped that 2019 would be any different from 2018 in having to deal with problems “coming from outside” as I call it, I was wrong. I’m referring to problems I don’t cause; problems caused by others, other organizations, etc. But I am the one that has to deal with the aftermath problems. And all this is not helpful to getting to bed at a reasonable time and getting enough sleep.

I’m a Sagittarian and to those astrologers who said because my sign is in Jupiter for 2019, I will have a much better year than 2018, I say “Stop talking through your hat. Take off your damn hat and think. All Sagittrians are not alike.”

Having said that, I am still determined to get my sleep – and not in front of the TV. And woe to anybody or thing that gets in my way.

And that includes health issues over-reaction – no doubt thanks to the stress from the problem

So, I am pursuing one of my other 2019 goals – start meditating. And one of my friends is helping me find resources to get me started. Thank you to her. Meditating may not solve the problem, but it can help me calm down and get my much-needed sleep.

And I just remembered what another friend told me many years ago  and to paraphrase her – Picture in your mind the culprit responsible for your problem(s). But picture them wearing some outlandish outfit – like boxer shorts with well (this next part is my idea) pictures of daggers or a big hand ready to grab them and shove them somewhere. (Well, I do write mystery/suspense so that can get rather dark)..

Well whatever works – as long as it is not sleeping pill prescriptions, large quantities of booze or even cannabis, although I am in favour of the latter for medicinal purposes under the direction of a doctor, but not recreational. So would this constitute medicinal? For more info on the cannabis and its consequences, etc., go to the first episode of my TV show Crime Beat Confidential which I tape every other month at where I interviewed James Wigmore, a forensic scientist who is an expert on what cannabis is all about, and not from personal experience,

Meantime, here are a couple of links on sleep and stress. Please note: I may not agree with all the information below. There  is much more info online about stress and sleep deprivation but consider the source for helpful info.

Tips to reduce stress and sleep better

Stress and insomnia

And the Mayo Clinic on sleep disorders

Happy zzzzzzzzzs  – at night in your bed.



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2 responses to “Chasing the elusive sleep

  1. Rio

    Sounds like you have a plan!
    I got in a bad sleep pattern when caring for my mother that only added to my stress. It spiralled out of control until I was having regular and increasingly severe migraines (it wasn’t the pain that was the problem, I could work through that, it was the global impairment to my brain, tinnitus and visual auras and even cognition and my dyslexia got worse a major frustration for me. After she died I still woke up several times a night only to find myself alone and awake for no reason. Everything started going wrong, the hot water heater got a crack and flooded the new basement floor I’d put in. My mother’s lawyer who she appointed the executor of the estate died shortly before she did and the bank would not release the account that was set up for him to cover the costs related to the estate. My brother and sister who lived far away would not, or could not use their lawyers to get it released. My sole client and only source of income closed shop. The week of the funeral, (the wake was to be at my house) the plumber came three times before the leak in the dishwasher was found and the new ceiling in the downstairs kitchen swole up and broke (no electrical fire thank goodness) and then to add injury to insult, a few months later I had a Hemiplegic migraine and fell and broke my nose and suffered a concussion! But I got to see a neurologist for the first time in my life and all I could think was, why didn’t a doctor suggest this long ago? Knock on wood I have been migraine free for three years.

    It wasn’t all bad. My grandson was born during all of this.

    As for meditation, I have been doing Soto Zen practice (meditation) for over 25 years. There is no Soto group here in Toronto but Sister Elaine (a Catholic nun and Zen monk) started the Toronto Zen Center. You can google it. It’s a more assessable form of practice than Soto.

    I applaud your taking action. Without our health, everything becomes a seemingly insurmountable problem.

    • Thanks for your reply. What a mess. Hope things are better now. As for a neurologist, yes your doctor should have suggested that years ago. Back in the early 1980s when I was suffering from a lot of migraines I was sent to see a resident neurologist at Sunnybrook Hospital. He was (then) a young doctor from South Africa and he helped me a lot. But I didn’t get there from my doctor’s initial action. I was living in Aurora then and two of my neighbours had migraines in the family, so we would talk. One lady, it was her 11-year-olld son who had the migraines. The other lady lived two doors down from me and my doctor was her doctor and he also played in the area sympthony orchestra as did my neighbour. My neighbour told me to tell the doctor to send me to the headache clinic at Snnybrook. I know I said pain clinic above because that’s where he sent me. The Headache Clinic had a longer waiting list. The doctor at the Pain Clinic later became the head of that clinic (in the early 2000s which I didn’t know until his name was given to me as a source for a story I was writing on chronic pain. This PR person for Sunnybrook arranged the phone interview and as soon as this doctor answered my call, I recognized his voice. Small world.

      And thank you for the Meditation recommendation I plant to check all the references I’ve been given (online) tomorrow – or at least some of them, and there better not be any more crap coming at me then.

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