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Summer holidays going going and…

Peaking towards the back of my garden

Three more weeks. Just three more weeks. Then the kids will be back in school. Then people will be back from cottage country. Then people will be back from their summer travels. Then…

Hey, wait a minute. Even by the calendar, summer doesn’t end with Labour Day. Isn’t the actual calendar switch to fall September 21?  But the summer weather can last into October,  at least until our Canadian Thanksgiving the second Monday in October. If we are really lucky the warm, even hot weather can continue to the end of October. Occasionally the warm/hot weath shows up in November.

So why am I obsessing with all this weather. Hey, at least I’m not complaining about the torrential rains, etc. Not this post, anyway.

This is the  time of summer when I wish it was July 1 again, Canada Day – well, maybe not this past Canada Day as it was hot humid into the 40’s  or on the  old scale over 100. But when you get right down to it, I prefer hot and sunny to winter’s cold, snow, ice, etc. etc. And at three more weeks, it is also a good time to get in the frame of mind of how am I going to enjoy the rest of the summer. And I do plan to despite all the problems I’ve had to deal with and am still dealing with this summer. Not going there now except to say, I am not pleased that a lot of what I would like to have done I didn’t do because of having to spend too much time on problems.

So, for the next three weeks I have the following to look forward to (and in no particular order)

Spending a day with some of my cousins from southwestern Ontario when they come to Toronto.

My son and is girlfriend coming here for dinner and the three of us sitting out on the patio in the garden and catching up.

Making my annual visit to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and not for the rides. I don’t do rides. And I don’t do all the games of chance. I like the exhibits, the free concerts, and the fudge. Plus just walking around and looking.

Seeing my friends at events or to eat out, etc. including the next one below.

East  York Garden Club Tea and Flower Show.

Another visit to the Music Garden at Toronto’s Harbourfront and this time be there when there is an actual classical music concert.

And spending time sitting under the tree in my garden. And reading a good mystery book. And sitting at the patio table eating meals (and no doubt chasing away those nasty wasps. I’m allergic to wasp stings. Much prefer bees although not getting stung, of course.)

How are you spending your summer?

Do you wish it was longer?

What are  your plans for the rest of summer?



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My reading oasis under the tree


Music Garden Toronto Harbourfront overlooking Lake Ontario


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