Only Child – some hope on cancer

In the wake of Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie dying from brain cancer, I think we need some hope, some good news about this horrid disease that strikes and kills too many.

I don’t know how many of you watch The Weather Network on TV or online (I do both). But one of their meteorologists, Kim Macdonald, has been off for ten and a half months with breast cancer.

But Kim is back and she is winning over cancer. She is such a bubbly friendly person and I always enjoyed her weather reports, especially her 60  second roundups from across Canada. Often they featured animals doing funny weather-related things. Kim always used the right tone – not insulting or patronizing but more a showing of the fun when animals meet weather. She has been appearing on the weather casts late evening, sharing the time with other meteorologists – as has been the trend lately on that channel. Here is her blog Weathering Cancer. Inspiring.

Welcome  back Kim  – we missed you and glad you are better.

And on a personal note, one of my cousins who was first misdiagnosed with something else – but then correctly diagnosed with cancer when it spread to her lungs last year. She is getting better and the horrible chemo is actually shrinking the tumour. She credits family support and spending the summer at the cottage also with helping. Kim also had good family support.

Which maybe tells us something. You need friends and family to get through this cruel world.

I’ll end on another positive note with a link to actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus photos on her chemo session. Got to love her sense of humour here.

And what Kim Macdonald posts at the top of her blog:

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt and friend. I’ve made my living on television talking about what Canadians love to talk about… the weather.I have breast cancer. It is not who I am. It doesn’t define me and it doesn’t make me special. It is my adversary and as such it will challenge me like nothing has. I think that’s worth documenting.




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2 responses to “Only Child – some hope on cancer

  1. Rio

    I have danced with the big “C” three times now but only had to have chemo with the second. People do survive to the extent that you could be sitting beside a cancer survivor on at least quarter of your subway rides. There are so many different types of cancer and thankfully treatments get better and less hard to take. But some die, so it is always scary. I thank everyone who is open enough to share their diagnosis but more I thank those who do not let it define them. Gord Downie was a lovely man and he shared so much with us. So young really, I can’t help but think of what he might have done with ten or fifteen more years…

  2. Thank you Rio for sharing. Your comment about how many people on the subway with cancer takes me to a wider scale – there is too much cancer in this world and that may be a sign that something is terribly wrong with this world.

    My first brush with cancer was when my late father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Surgery saved his lungs but a few years later the cancer spread to his brain. The first radiation session halted it but four years later it returned in another area of his brain and he was a goner. He was 66 when he died (that was in the 60s), I was 16 then. And his death really killed my mother’s spirit and then her whole life. She died a few years later at 63.

    So, people like you, like Kim Macdonald, like my cousin, and Gord Downey, are inspiring in this battle against cancer.


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