Only Child off to potential “death sentence” today

Only child ponders life, death and the root - bad health

Only child ponders life, death and the root – bad health

As mentioned in last week’s post I am off to the ophthalmologist today to get my eyes, particularly the left eye, checked for eye pressure and all that may be connected to that. I purposely left it to this morning to do an Internet search of eye pressure condition and all it entails.

Just as well I did. It is scary stuff. No cure but maybe can be stopped. The treatments – eye drops of varying kinds, laser surgery and surgery are some options. I definitely don’t want the latter two – they are connected with a specific type of this condition  of glaucoma, I presume. I hope I don’t have that particular type of glaucoma. And the drops – lots of side effects. As I suspected, my regular eye doctor, the optometrist’s answer to my question “what are the side effects of these prescription eye drops?” of “zero, ” was lies. I didn’t believe him even then. All drugs have side effects. Very occasionally an individual will not get side effects. When I had migraines back in the 1980s I was prescribed Inderol (a high blood pressure pill) to prevent the migraines. No side effects. And yes it decreased the number of migraines to once a month or once every month until I finally reached menopause. The latter is the only thing good about getting old. Also  I had no side-effects with an anti-fungal drug – Nystatin –  which I had to take a couple of times.

Those are the exceptions. The way my life has been going lately, especially my health in at least the last 10 months, is all downhill.

So, I am preparing for the worst. Quality of life is most important to me. But how to try to maintain it is also important. Taking action that make it worse than it is now, making life more difficult and scary,  doesn’t seem to be the answer. I have started (as they say) getting my affairs in order, including getting copies of legal documents to my son, letting him know what is happening, and clearing out/sorting the paperwork in my house.

Realistically I would like to live at least another 15 years – but my health must be good and better than it is now. If it deteriorates in ways unacceptable to me, if I have to take actions I don’t want to take, then I reiterate the ending of  last week’s post.  I will “pull a James Darren as in “Goodbye Cruel World” and I won’t be doing like Mr. Darren sang in his 1961 hit – “off to join the circus.”

Depending on the outcome of the ophthalmologist’s visit and diagnosis today. I would give eye drops a try and join a support group. I hope those are options still okay and open for me.

As for my regular eye doctor, the optometrist who didn’t follow-up last year – he is in big trouble, now much will depend on the outcome today.


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4 responses to “Only Child off to potential “death sentence” today

  1. Update: Valerie, thanks for you concerns. As you wish I’m keeping your comments private. I was going to do a brief update here anyway.

    I do have glaucoma bad in the left eye, Had a lot of tests at the eye specialist’s yesterday afternoon. She is much more forthcoming about my eye conditions than the regular optometrist. She diagnosed my left eye condition as server glaucoma and showed me one set of test results. The pressure and damage is close to 100 per cent, although I’m still seeing okay out of that eye with no tunnel vision, etc. . The right eye is perfect in this respect – no pressure, no glaucoma. She put me on combined eye drops for the left eye and if they work, I’m hanging around. I am going after the optometrist for not following up or stating how series the condition was last year because the evidence – his tests, his comments and the tests done by the eye specialist show that starting on these eye drops last year would have been better. Only by calling these professionals when they screw up, can other people know what to watch out for.

    Now, I have to get around the cost of the eye drops and the Ontario Drug Benefit program for seniors and difference in their and Statistics Canada’s figures for poverty levels for singles living alone. The ODP is raising its poverty threshold this August, but it might still be shy a few hundred dollars of the Stats Can one..



  2. It would help if I could type in the write words – that should be “severe glaucoma” not “server glaucoma”: and “serious” not “series.” No doubt that for the latter my subconscious was thinking about my Beyond mystery series.
    Now, if there were only finger drops to make the fingers type the correct word.

  3. Rio

    My mother who had only one eye most of her life went blind in the other due to glaucoma. She finally had surgery. It was performed by Dr. Gupta at St. Michael’s hospital. It was not laser surgery, a filter was sewn into her eye by hand by the doctor with the help of a high powered microscope.
    It was a profound event when my mother saw the doctor’s beautiful hands, “They are so small”.
    She had not seen as well since she was a teenager. I was truly a gift.

  4. Hi Rio:

    Thank you for this. If necessary I would consider laser surgery if done in the doctor’s office. The medical building where my eye specialist has her office has a sort of mini-hospital – I guess for surgery and I can’t remember what the Directory actually called it – so maybe there. Right now it is the very expensive eye drops

    Do you know if St, Michael’s hospital has a support group for people with glaucoma? I’m looking for a support group, preferably in person, but may decide on an online one instead or as well. I’m also going to check with the CNIB.

    My comments yesterday did an update on my situation but you probably read that already.



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