Only Child battles wasps

Rosebushes near where a wasp attacked me

Rosebushes near where a wasp attacked me

Early yesterday afternoon a wasp stung me. I was standing on the sidewalk looking at my garden – not even in the garden, not even touching any plant, when this wasp stung the backside of my left hand. After shooing it away. I immediately ran into the house to clean it off, including using tea tree oil and then periodically applying Witch Hazel.

Might as well have been applying plain water. Pain, itch and some swelling. Did some research on the Internet and found out it is probably large localized swelling – somewhat of an allergic reaction and it is worse the first day or so and can last a week or so. Considering that with my senior age I get more allergic reactions to things that I never used to, that could be a bit more time. Last summer I was bitten by flying ants and got some swelling and redness – even a huge blister. I did see a doctor at a walk-in clinic. He listened to me, lanced the blister, and gave me a topical anti-biotic because I am allergic to all oral antibiotics. He also suggested I get Reactine or Claritin. I got the former. But all the bite areas took 10 days to get better.

Right now it is just around the 24-hour point and hard to tell what’s what. I do know that rain and thundershowers are forecast for this afternoon and evening and it is getting grey and darker outside right now. So, I don’t want to have to go out today. Thunderstorms scare me and so does this sting.

I have nothing be hatred for the wasp that stung me – and for all wasps. I take care to keep wasps away from me when I see one around, but I did not see this one. And obviously God wasn’t looking out for me here.

And I don’t have a history of reactions like this to wasp stings. Haven’t been stung much so far in my life. Last time was a few years ago, I think on my arm, and just some minor pain and tiny swelling around the bite and it cleared up with no complications after a few days.

But that was before I was officially a senior. Since then any bad health occurrence seems to be possible. Swollen glands suddenly appeared early last spring and took over two months to go away (with help from a homeopathic remedy). I’ve had re-occurrences of that. Hadn’t suffered swollen glands since I was a teenager.

The yellow jacket wasps may have some use – apparently they eat dead bugs but that isn’t enough to balance their meanness and danger to humans. Did you know they build nests in eaves troughs, woodsheds, even attics? You can just imagine the danger that presents. I remember when my godmother and my uncle were still living and they had a mobile home.  Wasps had formed a nest on the overhang over the small veranda at one entrance. We entered and exited by the other entrance. And wasps once built a nest in a large tree outside my cousins’ cottage near Bayfield, Ontario.

The list can go on and on.
Too bad it is honey bees and not wasps that are being killed by Colony Collapse Disorder. I have great respect for birds and bees (yes, I know bees sting, too, but wasps seem to be worse). Bottom line – wasps should be eradicated. I can do my bit here and it won’t be spraying with Raid or any chemical.

First I have to get over this reaction. I am hoping it doesn’t get worse and by the time the first 72 hours are up it will show a lot of healing. Meantime I’m applying the topical anti-biotic cream from last year as well as a vinegar and baking soda poultice and taking Reactine, although I might switch the latter to an anti-histamine. And trying to decide about going to a doctor and if so, when with this weather.

The good news might be it is my left hand and I’m right-handed. “Might” is the operative word here. If there is anything I have learned from my life experiences it is that trust rarely figures into it. And with good reasons.


Cheers (I think),


Only Child Writes

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