Only Child Looks at Sleep Deprivation and Daytime Overload

Teddy on clock 2I need more sleep. Six hours or less a night is just not enough. I am not alone in this nightmare turned daymare. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has declared not getting sufficient sleep an epidemic. The results, it says, include depression, skin aging, weight gain. And 61 per cent of people crave sleep more than they do sex. Although sex (or lack of it) factors into the CDC information on it. See

What is interesting about this posting is what isn’t there. True, it is geared more towards individuals in a relationship. But relationship or not, people seem to have a common denominator about lack of sleep.

We are just too damn busy to get enough sleep. Sleep is way down on the priority list even if we say we must get more sleep. And the results are more than the CDC says. Sleep deprivation makes me stupid and slow on the uptake, not to mention getting around in the morning. I may then last okay until late afternoon, then I just don’t get it in a lot of areas. Areas I am normally sharp in. Not dementia…yet.

Take it from me, a sleep-deprived senior. I just have too much to do each day, much of it late-at- night stuff. Most is routine but often a few one-time extras. The past week I had stabs at trying to finish up all this routine nightly housework shit earlier. But it doesn’t always work. Often I’m out at a meeting or doing grocery shopping. For the latter, because of some store closing times, I go out directly from work and eat supper on my return. Even if I do eat before I go out, I’m still left with dishes, coffee pot preparation for the next morning, refilling the humidifiers, etc. etc. when I get home. It drags on.

True, when home I watch TV but there is before TV and during commercials to do all this stuff. My goal is to stop watching TV after part of the 11 p.m. news – right after the full weather report. Trouble is I often nod off during that time and miss the weather report, then I have to get it elsewhere.

And therein lies the problem – too much to do and when to do it.

I’ve been keeping track (mentally, no time to write it down) what exactly is consuming my time. Besides the late night chore shift, two other things stand out – too much email and too much time spent on it – and this is just the business email. And too much client work all at once– although some of that is suffering because of the email situation, and some of that email is from clients – some necessary of course.

So, starting Dec. 15, I am taking three weeks off for the holiday season. During that time I will do no client work. I bcc emailed all current and recent clients about this decision and basically said (but diplomatically) to leave me alone during that time. If they need to email me, including sending me work, please do it this week or wait until January 5, 2015 week.

I intend to spend more time with family and friends (including emailing them), working on the next novel in my Beyond mystery series and of course keeping up with social media (that is suffering too with this time thing) and any Beyond Blood book promo  to set up for 2015 that comes up. And figuring what in my life I can streamline more and even eliminate. I have already figured out what I want to do in my writing, editing and writing instructing business – and some things have been discontinued. Now, I have to spread out what’s left.

It’s the meetings, organizations I belong to (and what I do there), plus some personal stuff that needs a pruner, maybe even a shovel.

And more sleep. If I don’t get my required 7 1/2 hours sleep each night next year, the culprits will be sorry.

I am serious. My health and sanity depend on it.



Only Child Writes

Sharon A. Crawford


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4 responses to “Only Child Looks at Sleep Deprivation and Daytime Overload

  1. Bob

    Interesting you should focus on sleep depravation at this time. I was just updating some personal files and realized that it’s been seven years since I lost my licence for a number of months because of sleep apnea. I know it’s not your exact focus but at that time the “sleepless” had a bounty on our heads. Doctors got $25 from the province for every sleep apnea patient reported. Bottom line this week’s blog woke me again to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

  2. Hi Bob:

    Thanks for your input. Of course I remember your episode with sleep apnea because I wrote a story on it for – which is not longer posted on their website although my story about your niece with lupus still is.

    Didn’t know that doctors got $25 for ratting out sleep apnea patients to the government. Is that still in existence.

    One thing I’ve found with sleep apnea – and you probably have too – a lot of those with sleep apnea are 50 years and over. I should do a future post here on sleep apnea.


    Only Child Writes

  3. It doesn’t help that for those of us working to be “successful” (by whatever subjective, nebulous definition that you pin to it), we are constantly barraged by articles stating that “successful people get up earlier, sleep less”. That hearkens all the way back to the “early bird gets the worm”.

  4. So true. And who wants the worm. Seriously, there is too much emphasis on busyness today. Sleep has become almost a swear word. I think of my friend Elaine, sitting on her couch eating an apple. When I started talking to her about doing something, she said she was eating an apple and that was what she was doing now. In other words taking a break from life’s madness and focusing on that moment.
    Something I need to learn.

    Thanks for your comment and following my blog here.


    Only Child Writes

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