Only Child experiences mysterious disappearances

Only Child's backyard where some of her stuff has gone missing

Only Child’s backyard where some of her stuff has gone missing

Lately some of my stuff has been disappearing very mysteriously. I’m not talking a few misplaced files or a pair of glasses – the usual stuff that gets misplaced. I mean things have been disappearing around here in my house and out in my garden. And it’s not the birds or the raccoons outside or a ghost inside or out. I have my own theory about this personal black hole.

The scary thing is some of them turn up – and not where they were left. My boarder has been experiencing some of the same phenomena as well.

This year alone the following of my stuff has disappeared:

My favourite brown leather wrap-around bracelet. I wear it all day in the spring, summer and early fall. Forgot to take it off when gardening one day but when I remembered I checked all over where I had been gardening, including yard waste bins. Nada. So, I bought another wide bracelet but not as wide and not wrap around. Two weeks later when sitting in the Muskoka chair on my veranda I happened to look on the veranda beyond the other chair. There sat the bracelet.

My small pruning shears (I call them my “snip-snips). I know when and where I used them last and am 100 percent positive they came inside the house with the garden tool basket (it is canvas so I bring it inside when it rains or it takes days to dry). Just in case I did forget to bring the snip-snips in I checked all over the backyard and garden. Nada. So it was up to Home Depot for a replacement. Then old faithful showed up – lying on the grass in front of the tool shed at the end of the backyard – not near the dead silverlace I had been cutting off.

The booklet of postage stamps that I had just bought. And I know it came back with me from Shoppers where I bought it because I used a stamp from it to mail something. I went all through my wallet (where I keep the stamp booklet) and the rest of my purse. Nada. A few days later I did another look – yeah, in the wallet but not where I usually put it.

Also gone missing (briefly) was one of my hair scrunchies – but it was a logical find – it had fallen off the vanity in my bedroom onto the floor under the bench. I have also had (a couple of years ago) another leather broach go missing – I thought it had fallen off when I was at a certain place and even phoned to find out. It showed up – in the vegetable bin in my fridge. Meantime I had purchased a replacement and you guessed it. The replacement went missing never to be found.

Also missing in action are a one-page document, my good trowel (I have another cheaper one for the garden) and my old weeder. The latter’s disappearance is very strange and it is that one that convinces me who is responsible.

A few summers ago I was out weeding in the garden and put the weeder down while I placed the pulled weeds in the yard waste bin (which was by the garden). When I turned around to pick up the weeder to continue weeding, the weeder was nowhere in site. I dug around, dumped the waste bin and even looked elsewhere in the garden. Nada. I bought a new one and kept the tag on it so it would be easier to find. But the old weeder never showed up and unlike the other missing items, the old weeder was taken from right under my nose.

I say “taken” because this is what I believe is happening. Some of you will think I’m nuts but considering what has been happening with disappearances and some of the re-appearances, you have to wonder. I think it is the invisible hand of God. No idea why (although I can think of one basic reason – to annoy me). If it is to show God’s wonder, that doesn’t fly with me because not all items have re-appeared.

Might be a case of seeing is believing – or not seeing is believing. Just not sure what I am supposed to see.

I’m still ticked off about what hasn’t been returned – especially the garden tools.

Just sign me perplexed.




Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes

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