Only Child goes from frenzy to calm

Part of front garden last year. It's getting there now slowly

Part of front garden last year. It’s getting there now slowly

Yesterday “everyone” wanted a piece of me to do what they wanted. My friend next door wanted to use my clothesline; my boarder wanted me to feed her cat when she was out, and the windows people were calling to book an appointment to install the three windows. And the person helping me apply for a Writer in Residence position was phoning about that. Of course, as my handyman, Mike said, it was a Monday.

None of those “requests”  etc. fit in with my Monday priority schedule. Monday, my focus was on Mike painting the picnic table and upgrading an electrical outlet inside; coaching a writing client, finishing the draft of a memoir piece for a magazine (on spec) and photocopying it for Wednesday evening’s critique of it. And gardening.

Gardening is what I was doing – planting a nasturtium – when the windows person called again. (I had been at a writing seminar Friday when she called). I do have a contract with them to get the windows installed but with all the other stuff going on – business and house and garden – I don’t want it done for a month. So getting back to her is not at the top of my priority list. There is another vm call from her now. I’ll call her back later this week or early next week when I have time. Unfortunately they keep “bankers’ hours so I can’t call back in my off-work time. My vm message states when I’m available for work calls and non-work calls.

Feeding the boarder’s cat – usually I do that when she is out at workshops, etc., but yesterday the cat’s lunchtime was during the time my client was here and so the client is what I was focused on. After that I had to hurry to the bank to deposit her cheque and withdraw the rest of the money to pay Mike for his work. Bank closes at 4 p.m. and I don’t do ATMs. I did throw some kibble in the cat’s dish as I ran out the door to the bank. The cat was sleeping when I had an early lunch; otherwise I would have given him an early lunch then.

I talked to my friend next door earlier today and she is okay with the clothesline situation. Until she gets a replacement clothesline for her broken one, there is usually no problem with her using my clothesline when she needs it and she always asks first. Yesterday, Mike was out there painting the picnic table and another small table so paint and stuff that had to be moved temporarily out of his way was taking up space.

The writer in residence app isn’t due until next week so I emailed asking if I could do it next week and that I might have questions later this week. The priorities for this week are now: putting the finishing touches on my mystery novel to get it to the publisher when due the end of May, a reading and round table discussion with other Crime Writers of Canada this evening at the Eglinton-Kennedy library branch in Toronto (6.30 p.m. for those in the Toronto area who may be interested). I still have my mystery short story collection Beyond the Tripping Point to publicize. Also my son who is back from his holiday in England and France. And my garden.

Yesterday, I got done what I had to get done – the high priority stuff.

This morning I was out enjoying my garden – doing some weeding and pruning the supposedly dead silver lace over by Tanya’s next door. Surprise! There is new growth at one end, so maybe all is not lost there. The big juniper and the boxwood in front are getting more new green “leaves” growing – slowly, so maybe all is not lost. I still need to get some quotes from arborists to at least cut back the silver lace and opinions on the “evergreens” (that word is a misnomer) and those take  higher priority than the windows.

Summer (late spring?) weather is finally here, albeit a month later according to what is happening in the gardens. Some trees in Toronto are still getting their leaves.

What are the weather and greenery like in your neck of the world?


Sharon A. Crawford

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