Only Child and the Rogers Cable TV Saga

Only Child a Dad on veranda of house  with the old-fashioned TV setup

Only Child and Dad on veranda of house with the old-fashioned TV setup

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s cable TV did not exist. Mom and Dad used first an antennae on the roof and then one of those big towers. We didn’t get a lot of TV stations (there were not nearly as many then) but we did get the three basic Buffalo, New York ones. That I’m sure of because I used to watch the horror movies late at night on Channel 7 after I returned from a teen dance. We also got a couple of Toronto and nearby city channels such as Hamilton, Ontario. We had all the programs we wanted and when something went haywire with the TV we knew it was the TV itself not the service.

Today, it’s all digital, satellite, cable, online and way too many TV stations. And apparently crappy service as I’m finding out with Rogers Cable TV after 15 years of very good service including prompt, competent, and satisfactory service when there were service disruptions or equipment needed replacing or added on.

Not anymore. “Adequate service” is pushing it.

The past week and a half has been a nightmare of frequent service interruptions and Rogers Cable TV inefficiency. Except for the ladies in billing and payments and the corporate communications (which are good), the bottom line seems to be hire the dumbasses. And the service has not only been with my connection but all throughout my neighbourhood (one side of the street only – I’ve been checking around) and apparently in other areas of east Toronto as my friend Tanya next door found out when standing in line at a Rogers phone outlet store and talking to other Rogers customers.

I’m not going through the blow by blow scenario as it would take three posts (so far) to do so. Instead I’ll just list what has been happening.

  1. Four service disruptions so far (and they tally with next door).
  2. Rogers Cable TV’s stupid policy for technicians showing up for service calls. If you don’t answer your phone when they call, they cancel the appointment and you have to rebook. I pointed out that Bell Canada (their rival but it’s not a cable setup) show up even if their phone notification goes to voice mail. The Rogers setup happened to me with the first call – the dingbat technician hung up after two rings of the phone – he wasn’t there when I picked up on the third ring.
  3. Then my friend next door and I co-ordinated one service call for both – she even had my spare housekeys. I did the actual arrangement with a supervisor at the tech dept. He said he’d notify dispatch to skip the phone call and come directly to the two doors. Another phone call arrived in voice mail (I was out and so was my boarder) to reschedule the appointment.
  4. The service “miraculously” came back without a techie showing up – a street maintenance problem as the supervisor suspected.
  5. My friend and I weren’t notified the service was back. Not Rogers policy to let the customer know when street maintenance is being done – even though it could take from within 48 hours (escalated problem which mine was) and up to seven days otherwise. The supervisor said no notification because they might be called away on a more urgent disruption. He said I might see the truck in the neighbourhood and I’d know when it was working when I turned the TV on.
  6. Another disruption a few evenings later (ditto with Tanya next door). I called Rogers tech dept. again and very angrily talked to them. Another appointment with a techie was made for two days later.
  7. Rogers dispatch got me on the phone to notify me about the techie coming. Halleluiah. The techie showed up, checked the digital adapter, cable inside and outside and the cable box outside. He made a minor adjustment in the box and said everything was working. It was then.
  8. Service went out again Saturday evening –briefly. More angry words when I phoned Rogers tech dept. They are still insisting it is not on the street but something at my place.
  9. And when phoning Rogers over that first weekend, the call centre connected me to the Newfoundland branch of their tech dept. They couldn’t help me so transferred me back to the Toronto area – sort of but in Barrie, but I got local. Duh.
  10. So another techie is scheduled to come here this afternoon.

Will this solve it for once and for all?

I’m not holding my breath. But I am making notes to take this further at some point.

I need this like I need another hole in the head (I’m counting mouth and nostrils here)

Stay tuned next week for more in Rogers TVland.


Sharon A Crawford

Only Child Writes


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