Only Child runs into more outside obstacles

 Only Child as a toddler  with Mom when things were saner and simpler

Only Child as a toddler with Mom when things were saner and simpler

The saga of being hit on continues. Am I wearing an invisible sign that says “make my life more miserable?”

The CRA (Revenue Canada) scenario continues. It turns out I do have to pay that amount because of some new rule about paying taxes on Canada Pension payments. This is for last year’s taxes and as the new rule came into effect January 1, 2012, it applies.

My beef is with the Service Canada rep I talked to back in June just after I received the Notice of Assessment. If this dufus knew her stuff she would have checked that I had followed the new rule. Then I would have paid the amount still owing, no question. So, it had to go the whole 100 miles (nine miles isn’t enough) to a tax centre where somebody there finally woke up and replied to my inquiry mid-September and pointed out this new law – in a letter sent by regular mail.

So I phoned CRA again to clarify a few more things. I’m to pay the amount owing and forget any interest (it’s $3.16 at this point). He also explained how I could pay online through my bank and gave me the mailing address for regular mail. It’s the dufus he transferred me to get more information on CPP payments and taxes that makes me want to throw something. This guy kept mixing up tax payments for CPP and stopping CPP contributions despite me repeating my question clearly.


And my bank has decided for their convenience to name most bank accounts by the same name (for example, Super Account – that’s not it – just a name) so I now have two accounts with the same name – and one is my business account. The account numbers are still different. So I phone the central call centre and at least found out how to nickname my account so I don’t mix them up when paying bills online. Just have to make sure the tellers don’t mix them up when I’m in the bank.

No wonder I have time issues and feel scattered much of the time. I bet my mother didn’t have to put up with all this hassle back in the 1960s and before. Of course, life wasn’t quite so hectic and stupid then.

I’ve said I want to return to the late 1990s just before things got so much worse. Well, now I want to return to the 1960s, even the 1950s. I hate this world we live in – everything is going to hell in a speed boat.

And I get to go back a bit later today, just for a short time. I’m teaching another of my memoir writing workshops – Kick-starting your memoir using the six senses – at S. Walter Stewart branch of the Toronto Public Library this afternoon. Six senses is correct. Hint: the sixth is your intuition.

Til next week.


Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes



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4 responses to “Only Child runs into more outside obstacles

  1. Valerie Meadows

    Glad to have discovered you and your blog yesterday via a posting in the East York Mirror about today’s workshop. Planning to attend in hopes of soaking up some inspiration and confidence to start writing. Agree with all your rants about governement, banks, technology, etc., eating up our time, nerves and mind space. Waiting for the inevitable implosion to arrive so we can start over again with those simpler things that worked so well. Enjoying catching up on your posts–lots to relate to there! Thanks.

    • Thanks Valerie. Glad you could come to my workshop. Read my friend Bob’s comment. More government screw-ups. I swear when Harper downsized the CRA staff they fired the ones who know their stuff and kept the dummies. Perhaps these latter staffers should read “Canadian Income Tax 101 for Dummies” if such a book exists.
      Sharon A.

  2. bobma117

    I can understand totally!! But count your blessings my friend. At least you are still alive. Listen to this story . . .
    Because I reached the age (65) in June where I can collect both CPP and OAS and because I (in consultation with my wife, of course) have decided I won’t work anymore I’m on a fixed income so the third last working day of every month (payment dates for both plans) is very vital to me.
    Well Sept 26 rolls around and CPP is in the bank by not OAS. I figured give them a day. Next day not OAS. So I call the CPP/OAS number (different from both Service Canada numbers) and the gentlemen is very helpful
    Seems I died Aug. 1 so they have suspended my OAS payment.
    I explained that my mother died on Aug 1 and, as estate executor, I have had ongoing discussions with the feds (taxes, OAS,CPP) on her outstanding debts.
    He takes both my and her information, gets back to me after a longish while and confirms what I’ve said. To wrap things up, he’ll put in an urgent request to restore and continue my payments. URGEN REQUEST still means 2-3 weeks plus bank processing.
    Bottom line . . money is not in the bank . . . . if it comes in before next tax year we can celebrate with a Swiss Chalet lunch.
    My beef and I am sticking too it, Sharon.

    • Hi Bob:

      See my reply to Valerie above. And your story sucks but it is typical of the CRA crowd. Did you receive a busy signal when you called CRA? I did unless I called early morning right after the CRA crowd arrived at work.

      Hope your September OAS cheque arrives this month as well as the October one. I wonder what would happen if we mailed all our utility bills to CRA when CRA screwed up.

      Now I’m waiting to see if my GST/HST rebate and provincial tax credit get put into my bank account this month because of the screw up with the tax payment and they don’t take my tax payment from that.. I mailed my cheque to CRA yesterday. I’ll be watching to see when the cheque is deducted.

      FYI, I’ve found Service Canada staffers much better informed and helpful.. so far anyway.

      And starting the end of next January I’ll have the OAS business to contend with. You can also apply for the GIS, which I indicated I would do and will.

      Yes, let’s hope we can meet at a Swiss Chalet sometime before the end of this year.

      Yes, lucky to be alive, I guess. Still want to go back to the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s. The 2000’s suck.


      Sharon A.

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