Only Child loses weight due to stress

Only child contemplates stress and weigh loss.

Only child contemplates stress and weigh loss.

Hot on the heels of the worrying rant last week, I decided to weigh myself. Hadn’t bothered for months as it was always the same – about 10 pounds over my ideal and comfortable weight. Surprise this time. I’ve lost six pounds. And my favourite jeans now fit again. For some people losing weight six pounds might not be much but for someone around 5’1’’ with a small build, six pounds is huge.

I thought it was eating healthy and not pigging out on anything besides ice cream. And exercise (walking and gardening and moving the vacuum around inside the house.)

Now I think it’s because of all the stress in my life – 85 per cent of which comes from too little time and too little money. So I get angry which motivates me to take action. But when you have stress after stress rolling together, it can get out of hand.

In the article at, there are four points on how stress affects a person’s weight. The last sentence in the fourth point seems to fit my stress profile.

“…stress may overstimulate the thyroid gland leading to not only greater appetite but also faster burning off of those calories.” (from “The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Stress)

Add in my low blood sugar problem if I don’t eat frequently and voila. I lose weight.

The other three points and part of number 4 harp on stress and weight gain. So does most of what else popped up when I sent Google looking.

I’m not sure if that is a picture of our society today. Obesity is a big problem. So is what it leads to – diabetes, heart problems, etc. But in the concern about weight gain, we seem to forget that stress (and some physical illnesses, too, as well as their treatment) cause weight loss. Some weight loss is okay unless we are gaunt in the first place. But some of us have to watch just how much we lose.

Me, I have four more pounds I can go before I have to be careful. And as someone who suddenly dropped 10 to 20 pounds a few times over the years, I do have to watch. Mind you, one of those times was when Mom was still living and she had to go to the hospital for tests for her arthritis. At the same time I had been working temporary as a clerk in the Toronto Police Services Morality Section but was being taken on as permanent in another department there. Permanent staff have to take medicals. My weight showed just pushing 90 pounds, way too low. The jerk doctor at the time decided he wouldn’t pass my medical until I gained 10 pounds and ignored the more serious (in my mind) issue with my eyes and headaches.

My own doctor caught that and sent me to an optometrist. Yes, I needed to wear glasses.

As for the work medical, everyone (but the doctor at work) came up with ideas for me to gain weight and the nurse had me come into the office to get weighed when the doctor was out. The funniest suggestion was to eat Polish sausage and my breath would keep the doctor away.

I then started eating more normally – instead of the apples, grilled cheese sandwiches, baked beans and coffee I was forcing down my throat.

The cause? Worry over my mother.

Today, I continue my walking, gardening and eating properly – only the ice cream indulgence as an “extra.” And I’m confronting some of the stressors.

But I can’t help thinking that lack of time and lack of money or both together are at the bottom of a lot of the stress.


Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes


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