Only Child’s new look fosters new attitude

Only Child and son, Martin. Same photo as on my first blog post

Only Child and son, Martin. Same photo as on my first blog post

In case you didn’t notice before, Only Child Writes has a new design and logo. It wasn’t planned.

Last Thursday my blog header logo disappeared from my blog. Instead I was staring at white space at the top of every post – but the posts were all there. On my dashboard it was a different story – the specifics for this design were there but even when I tried to restore the header, it just wouldn’t connect to the actual blog.

Was this somehow connected to what’s going on in my life?

First the technicalities: After checking out WordPress’s “Help and Support” under Headers, I found that none of the possibilities listed was the cause. So I filled in the Support form and sent it through cyberspace. I received one of those “flying through cyberspace” emails back – so I know it arrived. Two days later I had heard nothing, so emailed my son for help and he said he would take a look at it.

Here’s where it gets interesting almost to the point of serendipity – I heard back from someone at WordPress. She attached a screenshot of what she could see at her end and it showed the original blue-coloured header. She asked if that was what I saw at my end. So I checked the blog site and found a completely different header and blog design for OnlyChildWrites.

I also found an email from my son, Martin.

Martin had taken a look – he couldn’t see the header on the post either. So, he set me up with a new design, emailing me about this plus instructions to change it if I didn’t like it.

I love it and emailed him back with thanks. Also emailed the WordPress support lady and thanked her but added my son had just changed the design and he figured the flaw was something at their end for the original design.

Going by the email times, it looks like WordPress took the screen shot about an hour before Martin made the changes.

Sometimes a change is for the better, especially when it comes serendipitously. Which got me thinking about life. Over the years, going way back to growing up an only child, I’ve learned to, well learn from my experiences. Past occurrences tell me how to approach new ones. Sometimes I’ve made exceptions, mainly in my writing, gardening and reading, but sometimes with friends and relationships with men. Often when I have done the latter, I’ve had the rug pulled from underneath me. Those of you who have been following this blog, will see a few posts that touch on this topic in some way.

Maybe I need to trust in serendipity more. The key word is “trust.” A former boyfriend once said, “Life is unfair,” and he is right. But life is also supposed to be a combination of good and bad, but when the bad seems to override the good in numbers, well…

It’s a dilemma. Somehow there must be a way to be wary and trusting.

Anyone have any answers here?


Sharon A. Crawford

Only Child Writes


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2 responses to “Only Child’s new look fosters new attitude

  1. Bobma117

    No real answers from here Sharon except to say as we age (or is a better word Mature) are thoughts, skills, likes, dislikes all seem to slide into a giant moulding compound that changes all of us . . .. some for the better, some not so!!

    Although life has definitely presented you with challenges, as a writer your skills have been . . . . you are now a delightful storyteller with so much exprience to share in your craft.

    As for me. .. perhaps the not so . .. . writing after 4o or so years, much at a basic level, some sometimes brilliant and then some just darn awful . .. . the words are hard to come by now, probably a combination of tired and lazy!!

    I think that’s way I admire your writing even more . . all you have faced an you spin some fine tales. Anyhow this is the most I’ve written in a bit and my brain is starting to hurt so will check out for now with another thanks for your stories. .. and maybe even recahrging my wordsmith skills!!!

    Note to critical readers who may have known me as an community newspaper editor “back in the da”: This is a stream of thought submission and, other the errors encountered as soon as typed, I’ve done no spell checking . . . It is what it is folks!!!

  2. Hey Bob:
    Thanks for your thoughts and for your kind words about my storytelling – some of that comes from fostering an imagination because of being an only child. And maybe writing (or some other form of creativity) is the answer to get through the challenges, the dark days (and I don’t mean weather here). Certainly writing helped me get through depression 30 something years ago.

    And for anyone else reading this, Bob was one of my first editors at one of the community newspapers in York Region (just north or Toronto, Ontario, Canada) where my writing got its legs. I’ll never forget, Bob, how you lined me up to nab somebody for a scoop story.


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