Only Child looks at water and trust

Only Child with her late Mom and Dad

Water and trust are connected – at least in my mind. As many of you probably gathered, I’m not big on trust. I trace it back to my late mom lying about my dad’s cancer and finding out the truth from my best friend, The Bully. In spite of, or perhaps because of, my Catholic background I do a lot of praying. But the results, a batting average of 15 per cent positive, don’t give me a  lot of trust in the ask and receive route.

Take broken water mains. Probably a fear of being stranded or stuck motivates me to put it out there (to the universe, God, whoever) that I would appreciate all the utilities work – and no broken water mains and the ensuing floods and water-shut-off to fix the sucker. You’d think I’d be immune to this after living in Aurora, Ontario where broken water mains were a common occurrence. Nope. As soon as the city employee knocked on my door this morning, I filled tubs, pails and pots with water – even washed a potato for tonight’s supper – at 9 a.m. The fellow said it would be about two hours but of course untrusting me knows better. I was right – but on the wrong end. The shut-off lasted barely an hour.

This nonsense got me thinking more about all the floods happening throughout the world, particularly in Australia. Every night on the late news I watch the newest developments and two thoughts strike me: the people in Australia (and also in parts of New Brunswick, Canada which have had several floods) have lost everything – their homes. And while there is water everywhere (very muddy) it is contaminated, so unlike the water shut-off before  fixing a broken water main, they can’t collect water. It will take years to get these areas of Australia back to normal.

My other thought ties in with trust. How can you trust that these Acts of God (that’s what the insurance contracts call them) will not happen to you? You can pray until you go hoarse but that still won’t prevent them from happening. Never mind the cause – El Nino or whatever. They still will happen somewhere. The prophets – religious and otherwise – who predict a big flood in 2012 are now beginning to sound more realistic. They may just be off a year.

Scary thoughts. So what can we do? We can’t exactly change the weather. However, perhaps the lesson here is to follow an offshoot of the late John Lennon’s words of wisdom – life is what happens when you are doing other things (paraphrased). He is a sad example of that but he seems to have lived each day to the fullest. Maybe that’s it – live in the moment because tomorrow may come but we don’t know what it will bring. And I’m not advocating going on a crime spree or anything like that.

What do you think?



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