Only Child gets a grip on 2011 goals

Only Child contemplates the tyranny of new year's resolutions

Eleven days into 2011 and I’m already noodle-whipping my attempts to keep my new  year’s goals. That’s a sure sign that I’m straying from the KISS rule and sliding back into my old multi-task ways. So I picture my late mother’s simple filing system – everything in  the top drawer of her dresser – and try to keep it simple and focus on one goal at a time. Multi-tasking is a bad thing – you can kill yourself or someone else (e.g., talking on your cell phone while driving. There is a reason for those state and provincial laws no-noing that combo) or become Ms or Mr. Stupido (See Apparently we aren’t born multi-taskers and acquiring that habit makes us less productive with possibly a few exceptions  such as carrying on a conversation while eating a meal.

You can imagine what can happen  if you try to tackle all your New Year’s goals at once. I prefer  “goals” to “resolutions” because  the word “goals” seems more inspiring and personal than the straitjacket of resolutions (i.e., Thou shalt…). I also divide my life into categories – self, career, family and friends, and house/property. Some life-balance experts suggest three areas but with all the stuff in home-ownership, I need a separate category for it. My goal here is to pick one goal in each castegory and work on it – but focus on one goal at a time, not all four at once. Take the “self” category. I’m trying to do Yoga every day, walk at least 30 minutes daily (barring blizzards),  get more sleep at night, improve my eyesight and deal with other health issues. So, in order to make time for that I’m trying to streamline in the house/property area. However, I’m still  doing the midnight house “patrol”  looking for undone chores. Instead of going to bed at a realistic time, midnight and later finds me putting away laundry, making shopping lists, sorting mail and other papers previously thrown on the kitchen table – all while feeling foggy and lethargic.  Yeck!

I gotta get a grip. Are the laundry police really going to descend and shake a clean sock at me because it is in a basket and not in a drawer? Am I really going to go out then to a 24/7 grocery store and buy milk and lettuce? And the mail sure won’t be picked up from a mailbox at that hour of the night. At least I ‘m not checking my e-mail at all hours.

So, I’ve decided that in the area of  “Self,” right now I need to concentrate on getting more sleep. How else can I tackle the other goals? Besides getting any housework done earlier in the evening, I need to get my other weakness under control. Newsflash. I’m a news junkie and a weather junkie. I can’t go to bed without knowing about the latest murder or weather condition. But I’m nodding off in front of the TV. I could check the news and weather online before going to bed, but then I’d hit the e-mail. I think I’ll just curb my TV news/weather-watching time. Once the full weather report is given, that’s it – any news before that is enough for the evening. After all, I can check the news and weather online the next morning. Or here’s a novelty – listen to news and weathercasts on the local radio station.

It’s worth a try.

What do you think? Any tips for keeping your new year’s goals?



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