Only child looks at year-end lessons learned

Mom and her glasses

My late mother used to say, “My head never saves my feet.” She meant it literally. When she fell charging up the basement stairs to reach the phone in time to call in for a TV contest, she realized that an extension phone might be a good idea. In these day of cell and other mobile phones, this isn’t necessary, but it might be a good idea to think first before you act. For December 2010, I found this to be so true. Just consider these two decisions I made – or how I ran first and thought afterwards.

1. That so-called missing leather bracelet that I thought I lost at the Christmas Eve church service. The bracelet never made it to the church. I found it just before the end of the year in my fridge, in the veggie bin. No, it wasn’t my intent to make leather salad – the bracelet must have fallen in when I dug around in the bin for veggies and fruit. So, I had to phone the church again and leave a message I had found the bracelet. I also had bought a replacement bracelet of a slightly different design, but I’m not returning it. If I had purchased  it from a large chain or department store I would, but not from a small business artisan at a farmer’s market. Next time I’ll wait and the lost item might show up.

2. Getting my eyes tested after many years of not (due to finances – in Ontario, unless you have secondary health coverage, you pay for what isn’t under the provincial health plan), I got my eyes tested. First I checked out optometrists and opticians, including getting references from friends. I thought I had made good decisions until I started talking again to some of my friends. The optometrist I went to gave me a new prescription and I had it filled.  I could see so much better and no longer had to remove my bifocals to read. He also found some clouds in my corneas – the medical term is corneal opacity and referred me to an ophthalmologist. But I couldn’t get an appointment until the end of March. When I told one friend this she about hit the roof (the one over my head – I could feel it crashing). Oh, she says, I should get that attended to right away; I shouldn’t have gotten a new glasses prescription because it might change after the ophthalmologist gets to work, and then she slammed the optometrist I saw. This started me on a worry spiral – and I have a wild imagination (I am a writer).  It didn’t help that my eyes seemed to be hurting until I checked it out closely. The pain wasn’t in my eyes but in all the surrounding bone and drainage areas for sinusitis, which can be caused by allergies and I have allergies as well as a deviated septum. Even the optometrist said allergies could be the cause of the cornea condition. I won’t go where my mind went but suffice to say I had sleepless nights and worry-ridden days…until it finally hit me what to do. It helped to speak to a couple more friends who also had these cloudy cornea problems. One said, “They often just go away,” and another said, “Don’t get surgery whatever you do.”

So, the lesson here, is to sit back, do your research (I haunted the Internet); if you ask others for advice, consider where it is coming from; weigh the pros and cons, and then wait some more. Often the answer will surface in your head.  So, I will try to let my head save my “feet” and try not to think about my mom’s last ophthalmologist appointment. She never made it because her headaches were from an impending brain aneurysm. Looking back, I realize her headaches began after a couple of falls she had. I wasn’t present for either so I don’t know if she hit her head.

Another lesson here is to take precautions to avoid falls – something I’ve been rash about until now.

Happy 2011 to all.



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