Only Child won’t spend Christmas alone

Oh Christmas tree - all two and a half feet of you

You don’t have to spend Christmas alone. If you can’t fly home or your relatives can’t fly to you because of the snow in Great Britain and Europe, that is no reason to skulk inside alone. Do you really want to do your version of the Grinch at Christmas? Bah humbug to that.

On a personal note, just because my son Martin and his girlfriend Alison are spending Christmas with some of her family in Costa Rica is no excuse for me to whine (wine?) away Christmas alone. I did spend Christmas on my own last year but that was my choice. One of my friends, Diane, also has the Christmas alone situation so I invited her to come here for Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. We did it a few years ago when my son was wandering through New Zealand during December. And Martin and Alison plan to phone me Christmas Day as they did last year. The three of us have the second Sunday in January booked for our belated Christmas dinner.

So I do roast chicken twice. Big deal. Diane and I share supplying the food and preparing the meal Christmas day – she makes a mean stovetop stuffing. Christmas Eve we plan to attend the candlelight service at one of the churches within walking distance (Special note here – neither church is Catholic which suits us just fine – we are both lapsed or ex-Catholics). Afterwards, if it isn’t too slippery outside, we can walk around the neighbourhood and look at the Christmas lights. Besides the dinner, Christmas Day, there are the presents under the tree (all two and a half feet of it) and Christmas movies on TV. And another friend might pop in on Boxing Day.

If Christmas alone seems to be your prospect – get off your gringy grumpy duff and do something about it. Invite a friend over for dinner or go out to dinner together. Help at a Christmas dinner for seniors. Get together with some of your neighbours, especially if they are alone this Christmas. Even attend a Christmas church service.  Don’t hide under the bedcovers – the only company you might find there are bedbugs. Yeck!

Christmas is what you make of it. Don’t stress or grump it out. Enjoy it.

Merry Christmas, happy holiday, happy New Year, etc.

And my tree has a topping – not an angel but a striped candy cane my nearly seven-year-old neighbour next door made for me using origami.



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