Only child is some proud mama over musical son

Only child and son, Martin, also an only child

No folks.  I didn’t have a baby – way too old for that.  It’s all about my one and only son, Martin. He and his country music group the Sure Things <; just launched their second CD  last Wednesday evening at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern. Proud Mama here met a couple of friends there – Bob and Carolyn – but I also learned another lesson in being friendly as well as some tolerance.

This club isn’t the greatest for size, layout and stage (more on the latter in a minute as the Sure Things expanded their members, temporarily last Wednesday). This group attracts large crowds and many of them have to stand; some choose to stand near the stage and you can guess what that does to those of us sitting. We can’t see the singers. At one point Bob seemed a bit perturbed about this until I suggested he move. Then he also did what he usually does – started talking to everybody else, like those young people dancing. I stayed seated but quickly got over the crowds dancing around in front of the stage. Hey, we were all having fun and enjoying the music. No point getting all hot and bothered about not being able to see.

I also noticed others came over to our table, sat down and started to chat – at one point my son was the attraction when he was sitting with us before the Sure Things were on. And Carolyn had a synchronicity when the opening band played – all horns and saxes with one on drums and they improvised based on words thrown at them from the audience. Carolyn shouted out a place in British Columbia where her daughter is working. One of the backup fiddlers for The Sure Things came over afterwards and told Carolyn,  “I come from there.”

Later as we “olders” left after my son’s first set (just after midnight), we chatted with some of the “dancers” outside the club. One even said, “oh good, your friend is driving you home.” The atmosphere was certainly friendly and that is the best way to go.

As for the music – with some of the horns and sax of the previous group joining in it was an interesting combination even though the “extras” had to stand beside the stage. My son now plays two different types of lap steel guitars (one resembles a large fiddle) which produce different sounds. When he reels his fingers along the strings it is amazing and he produces an original sound. He also has started singing background vocals with the group – something he didn’t when he first started playing with them a few years ago.

So where does all this creativity come from? I’ve covered this before – the music and playing “by ear” comes from his dad but I think there’s a little creativity on my side of the family, too…especially when your ancestors have the name of  “Strauss.” And one of my older Strauss cousins plays the guitar, sings and writes poetry.

I think creativity is a mixture of what’s bred in the family bones – that kicks it off. But what the individual does with it – how they explore and expand it – I think that goes beyond heredity. If you have the talent, don’t sit on it – develop it.

And enjoy listening to the Sure Things. Besides their website above, you can also listen to them on CBC Radio 3 at



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