Only Child still time starved

Only child with another editing job

Time is my big bad four-letter word. Lately I seem to be running on a combination of excess energy and empty – if that is possible. It’s the “too much to do too little time to do it” syndrome, exascerbated by being an only child. No brothers, no sisters to help. I’ve already mentioned the flakey friends, the ones who can’t keep promises. Now another one just pulled the same stunt and it was so avoidable. I get it and I understand if you can’t do something because you already have something planned for that time. What I have trouble with is if I ask a friend if she or he wants to go somewhere with me and they agree; then a few days later I get the call. They had already booked something else for that time. Well, what’s the problem with saying “no” to my request in the first place? I can’t understand this.

Are we all so overbooked and overworked in time that we double-book ourselves and then forget about it? I say look at your Blackberry, Daytimer or whatever you use to keep track of  your appointments and other doings.

As for my time problems, I’m grateful for all the writing and editing and teaching writing work coming my way. Now I just have to make the time to do it. And I do refer work when I really can’t handle another job at the time. Which brings me to another sore point – people who want something yesterday or tomorrow. I get that a lot in my editing. Some people think you can turn around editing a whole book in a week. I don’t think so. I do admit I am still fine-tuning managing my time – I tend to prioritize things and that means some of my e-mails sit in pending unless it is urgent business or urgent personal. Heck I know of someone (a publisher) who only deals with e-mail once a week. That’s going to the opposite end and doesn’t work with me.

I would be interested in knowing how others who are basically alone deal with this time issue. Any words of wisdom here?



Only child writes



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2 responses to “Only Child still time starved

  1. Roger Johnson

    I recognize your complaint; it is one that I had often.

    The idea that someone else was required in order for me to handle life led me repeatedly into blind, frustrating alleys.

    It took some doing, but I came to accept that I am, as is, that whatever happens I will probably handle it pretty well, after all I have handled everything so far without being destroyed, just battered about, bruised and healed.

    This is different from deciding to be lonely or hermetic.
    It is pure acceptance that I am, that I have everything I might require; that everything else is secondary or less.
    I have friends, am a friend; relationships are now right in the natural way.
    It has been a while since I have had complaints about friendship.

    This is just a suggestion mind you; I am not saying that how I see life is for everyone. It is just that I have been there, and am there no longer.

  2. Joan

    Sharon, Your friend that called later after saying yes I can go with you to say, “Oh, I just discovered I can’t go with you” sounds like a California girl or guy to me. Not all are like that, but I’ll tell you what I know about the ones that are: They were not brought up with the ethic that you make a commitment and keep your word. That’s why they think it’s okay to look out for “their own best interest first” and so when “something better comes along”….( than going someplace with you)…. they just do it…. with no regard for your feelings or their prior commitment to you.
    I was brought up in New York State and when I first came to California, that behavior shocked me…. but it doesn’t anymore as I have come across it too many times. Even workman who promise to do some work at your house will ditch you if someone calls them with a bigger job.
    So no sense getting all upset about it…. it’s just the way SOME people are. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow and swim in warmer waters.

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