Only child connecting with dead parents’ spirits

Dad and Mom

First of all I do not normally see ghosts. But I believe in them and that others can see them. I just know that my parents’ spirits are hanging around, especially Dad’s for some reason. Sometimes it happens near his birthday (June 4) or date of death (November 15) but not always. Well, it happened again over the past weekend. One of the VIA Rail employees’ unions was threatening to strike. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my Dad worked as a timekeeper, not for VIA rail, but CN (or CNR as it was then called) when the CN ran passenger trains. Well, as a railwayman’s daughter, I love to ride the rails whenever I can when I travel, so of course news of a possible strike got my dander up. Without thinking, I said (in my mind), “Well, Dad, I guess you’ll have to hover over the negotiations and make sure there is no strike.”

The union and management reached a tentative agreement. Who’s to say whether Dad’s spirit had anything to do with this result. But I’m darn sure his spirit did with the VIA Rail engineers’ actual strike in late July, 2009. I had tickets booked for a holiday to visit family and friends in southwestern Ontario later that week. I even picked up the tickets on the chance that there  wouldn’t be a strike. When the strike started I was pleading with Dad’s spirit to get in there and stop it – after all he had been a railroad man who dealt with trains running on time. I guess he didn’t want his daughter stranded or taking the bus, or maybe it was just in the air, but the strike ended a few days later. And I took the train during my holidays.

The biggie is something that happened on the 40th anniversary of Dad’s death. I’m going to quote this one from Book 2 of my memoir You Can Go Home.

On the 40th anniversary of my Dad’s death, I wake up just after dawn to the sound of a door closing. Something breezes through the hallway. I know it is my Dad’s spirit, but his message seems to have many interpretations. The broad one is that he and Mom are there, in spirit with me, in my current house.

(Excerpted from You Can Go Home Book Two Reconstruct. Copyright 2010 Sharon Crawford.)

Fact, fiction of fancy? Like I say, I don’t see ghosts but I believe in them. I have also had some interesting experiences in synchronicities. Then there is the anniversary factor. And Dad’s 45th is coming up this Novenber. So I wonder…

Anyone else had experiences seeing or hearing your deceased parents’ spririts? Please comment.




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